Whooo knows how to mix a drink?

Some say that you only really need three ingredients to make a cocktail: a spirit, a mixer, and a drop of bitters. The alcohol and mixer usually combine sweet and sour flavors while thinning out the alcohol a bit, and the bitters add just a touch of, well, bitter — just a couple drops is all it takes.

You probably already have your favorite liquor — or you’re always on a quest for the next one to be your favorite — and you’ve got some bitters on hand, because they last pretty much forever. (You can check out our selection, too.)

But mixers become more complex, and interesting, the further you get into crafting cocktails. Sure, you can use fruit juices or syrups, some type of soda, maybe even dare to use a shrub. But have you ever thought about using tea — yes, the stuff you get when you steep leaves and flowers in water — in your cocktail?


Luckily for you, the folks at Owl’s Brew have already thought of that, and gone right ahead and made some great tea specifically for crafting into cocktails. They wanted something less sweet than fruit juice, something lighter than typical mixers, and they thought, hey, why not do something with tea.

The result was a selection of mixers made from tea, to enjoy with your favorite liquor:

  • Coco-Lada, made with black tea, chai spices, pineapple and coconut, and especially amazing with rum (and also vodka, and even champagne)
  • Pink & Black, which is fresh-brewed with black tea, strawberries, lemon peel and hibiscus, all perfectly blended to mix with tequila, vodka, or whiskey (including Scotch and bourbon)
  • White and Vine, a blend of white tea, pomegranate, lemon peel and watermelon, which mixes exceedingly well with tequila, gin, wheat beer (yep!) and vodka.
  • The Classic, a smooth English breakfast tea infused with lemon peel, ready-made for cocktails using tequila, gin, and vodka (seriously, you can mix just about anything with vodka, right?)


Two parts Brew and one part booze, and you’ve got a really great drink. Bonus: your new drink has one-third (or less) the calories of a comparable drink. Bonus bonus: you’ve got no artificial flavors and no weird additives. Bonus #3: it’s made from completely purified water.

Of course you can get more complicated if you like, and start layering and all that. We’ve even got recipes for you to use. But it starts with Owl’s Brew, available at Larder & Cupboard in 8-oz bottles (enough for four servings) for $10, and a special three-pack for $25.

As they say at Owl’s Brew…Drink Wisely.