Butter FOR Wood, Not FROM Wood

You know Larder & Cupboard carries meaningful specialty foods — those from small producers, award-winners, things you won’t be able to find elsewhere in St. Louis. We also carry some nifty kitchen gadgets that we personally use so much we can’t live without them.

You might not know that Larder makes some fantastic products, too, and one of them isn’t for eating, even though it comes in a canning jar and is called Wood Butter.’

Larder & Cupboard Wood Butter, $12

While you could eat it — it’s made from food-grade mineral oil and beeswax — we don’t recommend that at all.

We DO recommend that you put it on wood — cutting boards, wooden utensils, even wooden tables. In fact, the farmhouse table at Larder has only L&C Wood Butter on it.

Farmhouse table, restored with Wood Butter

You’ll need a little elbow grease to apply it, and a soft cloth, but that’s all. Smear some L&C Wood Butter on that wood, and take the cloth and rub it in. You’ll notice an immediate difference as soon as you start, just like we did when we applied it to a dried out cutting board.


Before – a bit dried out

After one application of L&C Wood Butter

One application of L&C Wood Butter










As you can see, it’s kind of like magic!

If the wood is really dry, you can let it absorb for a day or two, and then apply another coat. After that, you can just wipe it down with water, use only a little soap if necessary, and reapply if you notice the wood drying out. (And you never put wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher, right?)

Larder & Cupboard Wood Butter comes in an eight-ounce jar for $12.

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